Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fresh water Fish Aquariums

Setting up your first aquarium requires three things. The first is a passion to create something of beauty. aquarium fish can be both beautiful and successful .. The second point is that you get your hands on the books and reference books, so your project plan for aquarium fish. After all you are creating a miniature ecosystem that will be much demand. The third thing you need is the tank itself. These come in many shapes and sizes and a number of plans to go to your options.

The very Aquarium - The Tank

Aquarium tanks come in many sizes. Dimensions with aquariums is not the size but more related to the volume of the tank in relation to the number of fish remains in the socket. You need adequate filtration system, heater or cooler light, and cover. Do not just fill a tank with water and put the fish in the environment for fish is of utmost importance.


Knowledge of how the aquarium for the fish to adjust balance is very important. You need a balance of bacteria, algae, nitrogen cycle, etc. to have a successful aquarium. Create optimal conditions in the aquarium has training and experience and is vital to the health of your fish. The fish waste itself is the biggest challenge of keeping your aquarium "balanced." Ammonia from fish waste can crate a toxic environment and should be properly treated. It is also necessary to the proper pH for your aquarium.

The management of water temperature and water

Change the water in the tank must be done on a regular basis. Before adding new water to an aquarium should be left to sit in a bucket one day or two. This will help remove the chlorine in the water. Chlorinated water can be harmful to both fish and aquarium environment.

You also have to remove the dirt and debris from the bottom of the tank. Must be sucked from the bottom and is removed from the tank. Moreover, in the aquarium clean, both health and aesthetic reasons.

You need the water temperature within the ideal range for your fish. Most tropical fish like the temperature between 75-85 degrees. Often this will require a heater and you should not skimp on this issue. Buy a good heater with thermostat and keep an eye on him. The temperature is critical not only for fish but also the "good" bacteria that take up your aquarium fish.

Additional items:

In addition to the above, it is also important to continually pay attention to your aquarium environment. Place plants and aquarium decorations your fish compatible with highlight. Creating an environment suitable aesthetic will hours of fun to see the fish and keep them healthy and happy.


Xavier said...

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