Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keeping Fish Tanks Clean and Healthy

Taking good care of your aquarium is the significant part of caring for the fish. Fish are nice pets, they are clam, they are clean and they are lovelyl and observing them provides relaxation and stress reduction. Fish can be purchased in any color and you will find that the fish you can help you to relax at the end of the day.
You can either choose from fresh or salt water aquarium. Aquariums do not need much maintenance but you have to take little care for tanker to keep a clean environment so that the fish remain healthy and happy.
The aquarium maintenance begins with prevention. The important thing is not to keep too many fish in a one tank. Too many fish in the same tank leads to overcrowding and can make for an unhealthy environment for your fish. If you have too many fish in your aquarium you must often clean the tank to to keep your fish healthy. It does not matter how many fish you keep, you have a regular cleaning schedule for aquariums. There are fish aquariums in greek casinos to attract the players.
Clean your aquarium on a regular basis will help to extend the life of the fish as well as giving clean and healthy habitat for them. A way to assist in the cleaning of the container is to avoid a part of the lining. Overfeeding causes excess waste in the bottom of the tank accumulate, and require removal. Emove the dead leaves that resulted from living plants in the aquarium. These dead leaves cause algae buildup on the glass tank. These algae can be removed with a scraper or algae magnet.
Cleaning of glass or acrylic tank surfaces are important, but that's not all keep what the aquarium clean. Filtration system is an important part of the tank maintenance as it holds to purify the water. You need to clean the filter once a month if not more often. You must also clean gravel or other surfaces that you in your aquarium at least once a month.
When cleaning the filter, remove the medium from the filter and clean it under running water. There are good bacteria arranged in the filter system. These bacteria aid in the decomposition of ammonia and helps balance the nitrates which are in the reservoir. Because of this filter should be cleaned quickly and then to do their job effectively. Also, once a month, check the pH balance of the water in the aquarium. If you are not sure what should be the pH balance, so you have the full details from someone at a local fish store.
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be Careful To Select The Right Aquarium Store

The aquarium stores are extremely convenient for any aquarist who wants to keep fish at home or in the office. It is here that you find a wide selection of fish tanks, and at the same time pick up any needed accessories to build a healthy ecosystem. Such necessities available will include fish food, water tester kits, nets, gravel, cleaning equipment, corals and plant life. A few aquarium stores also sell manuals and books on fish keeping that can be very helpful for the novice and experienced alike.

When visiting an aquarium store you will have the choice of selecting from either a clean empty fish tank or the ready to install aquarium. This will depend on the style of fish tank you are after and your intended budget, you can buy aquariums shaped like hexagons, octagons, pentagons and towers. You may even be interested in finding sphere aquariums or half round aquariums, not to mention the highly popular standard glass tanks that are box shaped or bowl shaped.

There are several ways that should allow you to determine if an aquarium store is good or not. The first thing you should take note of when you walk into the aquarium store is the general maintenance. If you notice that the aquarium store you are visiting seems to have dirty aquariums, aquariums with no water or poorly staffed stores, than it is best to avoid buying from there. In these circumstances you are unlikely to be given healthy fish.

You should be able to learn a lot from the staff at the aquarium stores. They can give you guidance regarding the size of the fish tank as well as the types of fish that you need to keep. Try asking a few generalized questions regarding fish keeping and how to take care of fishes if they fall sick. If the member of staff that you are chatting to does not seem too knowledgeable, than this may be a sign to shop elsewhere.

It may be a wise choice to spend some time visiting a few aquarium stores so that you can get a better idea of all options available to you. You must remember that you will hopefully be building a long term relationship, and need to find a trustworthy aquarium store.

Just be doing some simple homework on aquarium fish keeping prior to visiting the aquarium store, will save you so much time on what to lookout for and what you actually need.

If you are purchasing fish from any particular store for the first time then you should closely inspect the aquariums and find out if the fishes in the tank are healthy and happy. An easy way to determine if the fishes are active is by placing a finger just above the tank. If they are very active they will swim to the top expecting your finger to be food. This in most cases is a good sign. Do not buy those fishes that remain near the bottom of the tank and show lethargy.

If the aquarium store that you are visiting has more than ten fish tanks then it is not unusual to find a few dead or old fish. However, this should not by all means be a regular occurrence in all of the tanks. Take notice, if you can on how the store keeper or other assistants feed the fish. This will often reveal whether they have the required expertise to take care of the fish or not.

When making the final choice on which aquarium store to use you should always base your decision on which one can help you in taking care of the fish as well as the general maintenance of the fish tank.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Life Under Water

Animals are living under water in a high volume if we compare it out of the water life and also are safer than any other animals because it is very hard to reach bottom of the ocean where these under water creature are living and have a big shelter to protect their life

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Decorations for Fish Aquarium

aquarium decorations are natural things found outdoors or a striking piece of plastic that brings a smile to your face or irritate you.

In this first article of everything we are trying to get an overview about the different types of aquarium decorations that you can choose to give. After that I dare to the pros and cons of manufactured jewelry or decorations to be discussed is best to choose organic. Then I will conclude with a few tips on aquarium decoration and also provide a list of online resources.

Aquarium decoration: What are they?

Short tank device includes both organic and natural things found outdoors stuff. Decorations can be used both in fresh water tanks, as well as salt water tank. But if you think I do not care about Aquarium decorations at all and not go for them, consider the following points before a final decision:

* A lot of fish to be treated decorations known as refuges from aggressive fish.

* Live rock, although part of decorative elements is essential to the natural bio-organic filtering service.

Decorations for freshwater aquarium

If you have a freshwater aquarium can be decorated with both organic and manufactured goods. The following is a list for you to consider:

* Production decorative items:

Fake plants that can be made of plastic or silk

fake rocks that can be plastic or ceramic

Faux wood

Advantages and disadvantages of the decorations

* Manufactured decorations are long lasting.

* It is easier to clean ornaments made in comparison with the living.

* If you have made false or embellishments, you do not need special care for people. So you can focus on caring for your fish only.

* In fake decorations have a wide range to choose from.

* False decorations are gorgeous and the performance of a tank to increase.


* Decorations may seem cheap fake.

* In some cases, fake decorations can be more expensive than life.

Organic (dead) Decorations:


Real rock

Substrates of gravel, sand, coral sand beach

And disadvantages of organic decorations


* Organic (dead), more realistic and stylish decorations.


* Organic decorations have the potential of your aquarium in a number of important aspects of influence. For example, in some cases cause driftwood to the acidity in the water. Although there is a problem in the strict sense, but should be checked. On the other hand, never put driftwood into the tank of salt water.

* Before placing live rock, especially the first place that are good for your tank. Some rocks are harmful to freshwater tanks and some are not suitable for salt water. Such as limestone can increase the pH of the tank.

* Carefully check and ensure that no sharp edges to their decorations can be harmful to fish.

* Organic (living) Decorations: Live plants

And disadvantages of biological Decorations (Life)


* Organic Living decorations look very realistic and the beauty of each tank to improve.


* Keep decorations organic life can be a costly affair. Too much care and attention.

* Aquarium fish can eat!

* You can not find a large variety to choose from in color and shape is not made for decoration

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maintenance Tips for Fish Aquarium

At this point, you already know the steps to keep the aquarium clean. But in the midst of changing the water tank cleaning, there are steps you can take to maintain your aquarium fish with a little less intimidating and a little less work.

Do not overfeed the fish. It may be tempting to give their beauty a bit more food they can eat. Resist! pulse results in uneaten food rotting in your tank, which quickly creates a toxic environment for fish. Never feed the fish more than they can eat in a few minutes.

Keep old water jugs in hand. Once you finish a gallon of milk, except the pots and use them to store water from the tap. The beauty of freshwater fish that works well for water changes, as long as it has some good years is deionized and free from chemicals. You can buy the chemicals to treat the water at once, but as the age of water for a few days, you just pour in the tank and not worry about the right temperature.

Buying a quarantine. Eventually you have a sick fish. A quarantine tank is a good way to separate the sick fish, so they can recover more quickly (and prevent the disease spreading to other fish in the tank.) Still, if you want new fish in their watery world market, a quarantine tank is a great way to acclimatize to the ambiance of your home.

Get some helpers. I'm not talking about getting family members or roommates to help (although if they want, which is great). No, I'm talking Tank scavengers such as snails, crabs, and certain types of bottom-feeding fish. The natural world is full of symbiotic relationships, and they are cleaning machines that keep the lakes and oceans are becoming overrun with algae and other aquarium "pests."

As with most things in life, prevention and a little planning goes a long way in taking good care of aquarium fish. Be careful, and will fish happy and healthy for many years, without having to deal with their care as a full-time job. Investments to support the fish, such as pumps will also help clean your aquarium in the case of a small imprison. An aquarium is a happy healthy aquarium!